‘Games’ UK Radio premiere on BBC

J.J. Leone’s upcoming single ‘Games’ has been given it’s debut on UK Radio by BBC Radio Norfolk. Covering his home county, the BBC Station premiered ‘Games’ on Stephen Bumfrey’s drive-time show, the day after the singles US debut on KRXM.

‘Games’ is available for streaming on Spotify on November 10th, with full release on all major digital download platforms on November 17th 2017.

Hear the song in full at 02:18: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05jqbmy


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Leone announces new single: ‘Games’

Following posts on his social media channels, J.J. Leone has announced a new single, which will be released worldwide on November 17th.

‘Games’ will be available for streaming on Spotify from Friday November 10th. “‘Games’ is written about struggles with connecting with people, and how being a good person isn’t good enough in the world we live in.” He says about the upcoming single, which is written, performed and produced by the singer-songwriter.


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Leone performs private show for Dance Fusion

Following their video to new single ‘Reload’, J.J. Leone performed a private show for the students and staff of Dance Fusion Harlow on October 24th.

As well as performing new upcoming releases, Leone also handed out free, signed copies of his top 20 EP ‘The Rebuild’.

Picture by Jill Trowsdale



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Leone to perform secret show for ‘Dance Fusion’

Following their take on ‘Reload’, J.J. has announced a secret, invite only show for ‘Dance Fusion’ on Tuesday 24th October. Addressing the dance crew on Instagram, Leone said: “This will be my way of saying thank you for the time, energy and commitment you have put into my song.”

He added he will also be performing brand new, never before heard material to the members as well as free copies of his top 20 EP ‘The Rebuild’.


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‘Reload’ choreographed by ‘Dance Fusion’

J.J. Leone’s latest single ‘Reload’ has been given a new life by ‘Dance Fusion’. Following a retweet by J.J. Leone, the dance crew from Harlow, UK, posted a routine on YouTube which caught the singer-songwriters attention, and to which he replied: ‘This is so beautiful, I am so grateful!’

Full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44eeXKPOZ9U&t=7s


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‘JJ is a name that will soon be inescapable’ by The Lightning Nation

UK music blog ‘The Lightning Nation’ have featured J.J. Leone in their latest article. Focusing on his new single ‘Reload’, the site leads with the headline: ‘If you like Jack Garrett, then you’re gonna love J.J. Leone!’

The article goes on to say that ‘JJ is a name that will soon be inescapable’ and that the independent musician is: ‘Bringing the sound of Dark Soul to his listeners, JJ is a musician with all the goods.’

Full article: https://thelightningnation.wordpress.com/2017/10/13/if-you-like-jack-garrett-then-your-gonna-love-jj-leone/


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