‘J.J. Leone is bringing back the personal connection to Music’ – by Music News Today

‘Music News Today’ published their thoughts on J.J. Leone’s upcoming single ‘Reload’ today, stating that: ‘The synth sewn track alone completely transforms the music into something not only extremely pleasing to listen to but also something that continues to resonate long after the echoes of J.J’s voice have vanished.’

Written by Skye Winwood, the UK based music blog goes onto the describe Leone as: ‘An artist with a clear goal and direction for his music who has the possibility to transform into a voice for those who do not have one.’

Full Article: https://musicnews2dayblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/16/new-track-reload-by-j-j-leone-is-bringing-back-the-personal-connection-to-music/


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