‘J.J. Leone is bringing back the personal connection to Music’ – by Music News Today

‘Music News Today’ published their thoughts on J.J. Leone’s upcoming single ‘Reload’ today, stating that: ‘The synth sewn track alone completely transforms the music into something not only extremely pleasing to listen to but also something that continues to resonate long after the echoes of J.J’s voice have vanished.’

Written by Skye Winwood, the UK based music blog goes onto the describe Leone as: ‘An artist with a clear goal and direction for his music who has the possibility to transform into a voice for those who do not have one.’

Full Article: https://musicnews2dayblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/16/new-track-reload-by-j-j-leone-is-bringing-back-the-personal-connection-to-music/


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‘Reload’ featured by A&R Factory

A&R Factory, one of the top 10 music blogs in the UK (awarded by Vuelio), have featured J.J. Leone’s ‘Reload’. The article describes his new single, released on October 6th as: ‘a smooth soul guitar vibe, music that will both connect with the pop crowd but also has mass appeal to the more discerning markets, music which is at once inventive and clever but without being anything other than a cool, sensual and accessible pop record.’

Full article: http://www.anrfactory.com/j-j-leone-releases-rb-track-reload/


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Jammerzine feature J.J. Leone’s ‘Reload’

American independent music blog ‘Jammerzine’, who specialize in ‘Independent News for the Underground’, have featured J.J. Leone’s new single ‘Reload’. Scheduled for release on October 6th 2017, ‘Reload’ was described by Jammerzine as: ‘a sublime wedge of a guitar-based soul with a shadowy sinew running through it.’

Read the full article here: https://jammerzine.com/first-listen-j-j-leone-reload/


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J.J. Leone plays Donington Park

J.J. Leone took to Twitter to thank Septemberfest 2017 following his performance at the festival at Donington Park. Headlined by Razorlight, Septemberfest saw a great turn out introduced to Leone’s ‘Dark Soul’ music on Friday 22nd September.

Image by McPhee Media


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‘Sonic Prodigy J.J. Leone Drips Soul on Reload’ by Salute Magazine

Salute Magazine have today featured J.J. Leone and his new single ‘Reload’. Written by Adrian Glover, the piece describes Leone as ‘a self-taught musical prodigy that can play anything’ and that with ‘Reload’, ‘Leone has dropped a song that reeks of honesty and has crossover potential‘.

Whilst rating J.J.’s new single ‘Reload’ as five stars out of five, Salute go on to describe Leone’s genre of ‘Dark Soul’ as ‘both a throwback and a leap forward’.

Full article: http://salutemag.com/listen-sonic-prodigy-j-j-leone-drips-soul-reload/


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‘The Dark Soul of J.J. Leone Exposed’ by Sonic Music

Online music blog ‘Sonic News’, partnered with Diagnosis Music, have featured J.J. Leone’s ‘Reload’ in their reviews section. The publication, who report ‘everything quite great from the music world’, describe ‘Reload’ as ‘a sublime wedge of guitar-based soul with a shadowy sinew running through it.’ 

They also go on to say that: ‘what sets J.J. apart is his ability to interpret subjects and emotions often avoided by other artists.’

Full article: https://sonicnews.blog/2017/09/12/the-dark-soul-of-j-j-leone-exposed/

Sonic News

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