‘Four Five Minutes’ premieres on BBC Introducing

J.J. Leone’s new single ‘Four Five Minutes’ will premiere in the UK on BBC Introducing. The single which is available to stream worldwide on January 12th 2018, will showcase on Sophie Little’s BBC Introducing Norfolk radio station on both Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th January.

Leone took to Instagram to thank the station for their support.


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Leone announces new single ‘Four Five Minutes’

Following posts on his social media channels, J.J. Leone has announced his next single will be ‘Four Five Minutes’.

J.J. posted the below artwork and two clips of drums and a guitar track on his Facebook page yesterday, and said the release will be available in mid-January.


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“‘Games’ is definitely revolutionary” by Noisy Road

Italian music blog ‘Noisy Road’ have posted their review on J.J. Leone’s latest single: ‘Games’.

Featuring in the publication’s ‘Perle Nacoste’ section dedicated to discovering new music, Noisy Road describe ‘Games’ as: definitely revolutionary, but in its simplicity it creates a pleasant atmosphere of intimacy.’

Full review: https://www.noisyroad.it/up-and-coming/perle-nascoste-6-12-tracce-ambient-acustica-un-mistero/



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‘Games’ added to Pandora Radio

Pandora Internet Radio have added J.J. Leone’s new single ‘Games’ to their rotation.

With 80 million active users, Pandora Radio will be broadcasting Leone’s latest single, released on November 17th 2017, to it’s users in the United States. J.J. took to his social media to thank Pandora for their support.



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J.J. Leone speaks live on the Sarah Appleby Show

On the ‘Games’ worldwide release date, J.J. Leone was interviewed live on the Sarah Appleby Radio show.

Hosting the ‘TGIF’ segment on Hailsham FM, Sarah asked J.J. about his new single, his future plans and recording in his bathroom! Speaking via Skype connection, Leone also revealed that his next EP will be released in early 2018.

Listen again here: https://www.mixcloud.com/HailshamFestivalFM/the-sarah-appleby-tgi-show-171117/


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J.J. breaks over 10,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook

J.J. Leone’s official Facebook page has now reached over 10,000 ‘Likes’.

Addressing all of his followers, Leone said ‘I am so happy to have you all along with me on this journey – thank you to every single one of you for the support!’

If you haven’t joined J.J. on Facebook, you can find him @iamjjleone or by clicking the facebook icon at the top of this website.



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